Tony Blair Opines on Populism

Tony Blair, the former British PM, offers timely wisdom today in a New York Times editorial.  With populist furor bubbling up around the world he is offering the voice of reason, the Shakespearean “pauser reason” which is what statesmen need to be doing.  In the United States government, particularly in the Republican Party, there appears to be a profound dearth of statesmanship as ideologues have taken over the party, culminating with the election of the Ideologue in Chief as president.

Populism is merely an expression of collective energy and must take place from time to time.  But government must be mature enough to address the collective grievances being voiced which requires the presence of statesmen and women.

Let me provide an illustration of populism running amok in the state that I was born and raised in and lived in for most of my life, Arkansas.  Republican Trumpian furor now prevails there and one of the state legislators, full of anti-liberal rage, has proposed renaming the Little Rock airport since it is currently named after Bill Clinton, the former governor of the state and President of the United States.  This is really a silly proposal but it does reflect the conservative need to purge any vestige of liberalism, even if it is one as noteworthy the name “Clinton.”  And trust me, Bill Clinton is not gonna lose any sleep if the Little Rock airport no longer bears his name.  He will privately snicker over the inanity of the very idea!

Populism is energy.  Life is energy.  I will this morning participate in a local progressive response to the nationwide populist energy by attending Taos United.  I will join about 300 other residents of this lovely New Mexican city, sharing the energy, “feelin’ the Bern,” so to speak, as we strategize our local response to the madness that is present in our country.

(Tony Blair’s NYT op-ed:



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