A Paranoid Fantasy World Ready to Implode

In a paranoid fantasy system, the efforts to thwart the enemy seen to be outside become increasingly intense.  The greater the perceived threat, the greater need to “circle the wagons” and “hunker down” amongst those who you can trust.  But when the paranoia is the primary emotional component of the fantasy system, the resulting purging to create an inner circle one can completely trust will inevitably leave you with a coterie of people who see the world just as you do.  This means as the circle grows tighter and tighter, those with any contact with “reality”, those with any connection with anyone outside of the paranoid fantasy system, will be left out.  The only ones left deemed worthy of trust will be driven by the same paranoid fantasy.

Trump is a mentally unstable man.  His ego and grandiosity, and his ability to prey on voters who would listen to his siren song without any critical thought, has brought him into a world where it is more difficult to avoid “reality” that it was in a reality-tv show world or even a corporate world.  His tenuous grip on reality is now almost daily threatened by the media and other critics so his response is now to purge his ranks of any person who might be leaking news about the tumultuous world that is roiling inside the White House.  And he even made the lunatic assertion that President Obama is behind these leaks.  Furthermore, there is purportedly a “deep state” in the Washington political culture who seeks to thwart the Trump agenda.  The paranoia mind of Trump now is whirling with schemes to locate members of this “deep state” and eliminate them.

What a collective madness like this is not capable of realizing is the wisdom of Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”  The torment of mental illness feeds on itself, intensifying the pain, and intensifying the need to eliminate perceived threats.  What these people do not realize that, yes, there is a “deep state” that is influencing them but most of us know this very well and call it the unconscious.  Simple acceptance that one has subterranean motivations, buried deeply in the heart, gives most of us a pause routinely in our life so that we can listen to external feedback.  It gives us a filter to utilize the wisdom of the bumper sticker, “Don’t believe everything you think.”


About literarylew

I am a retired mental health counselor in El Prado, NM near Taos. I have a life-long passion for the liberal arts and a deep spiritual commitment. I will utilize my voracious appetite for the written word in this blog, delving into literature, psychology, religion, philosophy, and linguistics.
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