Congressman Steven King and Racism

Congressman Steven King is the embodiment of what TaNahesi Coates had in mind when in his book, “Between the World and Me” in which he chided Caucasians for “thinking they are white.”  King’s generation stumbled upon this earth some 60+ years ago and discovered one morning, “Hey, I’m white!” and I faintly remember how delightful it was for I am part of that generation. That thought sunk in and deepened as he realized that most people were white and that there was intrinsic power to being white, based upon “thinking that you are white.”  Now what would have happened if he’d have been born into a world in which the prevailing skin pigmentation was polka-dot?  Well, being a victim of “thinking” without any “critical thinking” being involved, King would be today praising the virtues of “polka-dotted” and scheming on how he could contribute to the continuance of their power.  His family better hope that “critical thinking” never sinks into that thick skull of his because it would be catastrophic, kinda like the catastrophe that ensues when a wild goose haplessly drifts into the turbine of a jet engine.

King demonstrates what happens when your only reference system is an echo chamber.  And, an echo chamber does parallel the turbine of a jet engine as the whole system operates in lock-step and anything foreign is disallowed or devoured.  Nothing foreign is allowed in.  It is comparable to the mind of any psychotic, one example of which we have in the person of our President.  Trump is now hell-bent to purge his reference system of any dissenting view point as madness of that degree of malignancy cannot tolerate even a vestige of the “light of day.”

And, yes, I must conclude with the ironic note, the evangelical Christians who are the champion of Jesus Christ as the “Light that shineth in the darkness” are totally marching in lock-step with Trump.  Hmm.

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