Trumpism and Hugo Chavez’ Rule in Venezuela

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez provided our country a recent glimpse into what happens when a bully is given power. offered a report by Andres Miguel Rondon who lived through Chavez’ reign of terror in Venezuela (1999-2013) and how that the impact continues even today after his death.  Rondon pointed out how that the real impact Chavez had on his country was not merely the political and economic devastation but the emotional/psychological grip he had on the country’s psyche. Even today he is viewed by many as a hero or savior, some even having formed a religious shrine in his honor.  Chavez appealed to the powerless of his country, offering them a lot and tossing them a sop here and there but devastated his country in the long run.  Yet, he was so revered by the impoverished people of the country that they still pine for the days when he ruled, even as they suffer from economic catastrophe wrought by his administration. Rondon explores the power that a “post-truth” world created Chavez had on his nation.  The damage by having a bully rule the country was that he appealed to the dark energies of the impoverished and uneducated in his country, those who readily imbibed of the sweet taste of vicarious power in having a strong man at the helm of their government.

Reality is not static.  Reality is an ambience that we imbibe each day of our life and it is created by the nuts-and-bolts of our culture, even those that we fail to have awareness of.  Reality consists of “givens” that are taken for granted and these givens are heavily influenced and subject to the manipulation of the elites that always manage to climb to the top of the heap with any tribe.  And though these elites, and their hand-picked leadership, might not be fully aware of what they are doing…if at all…the self-serving decisions they make usually wreak devastation on the common people. Given the ability to shape and manipulate reality, primarily through media, these elites create even how they are even perceived by the masses.  They know that the masses, especially the “low-information voters” are susceptible to the lure of a “strong-man” even if he is a bully and even if his attitudes and behaviors are morally reprehensible.  It is almost like they find the appeal of bromides such as, “Let’s Make ‘the tribe’ Great Again” so enticing that any critical-thinking capacity is overruled, and even egregious breaches of dignity, decorum, and moral probity are accepted.



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