Another Day at the Ranch Unfolds…

Daily we watch the Trumpian lunacy continue to flourish and do nothing.  Yes, its springtime, the tulips are blooming, birds are making nests, baseball season has started, the stock market continues to look good, and we mindlessly assume our role in another day’s adventure at the social carnival.  We wake up every morning and think, “Well, it’s another day at the ranch!” But, alas and alack boys and girls, look again!  We have a President who is bat-shit crazy and in spite of making a lot of noise about it we are doing nothing!” The Republican Party is making an ass of itself as it lamely goes about its business pretending that nothing is awry in their household.

This is surreal!  But, upon closer scrutiny, it is not surreal at all, it is merely reality exposed. The madness that lurks beneath the surface of our life has finally erupted and we are made to look at it every day.  But unfortunately, the eyes through which we look at it are enthralled by the same madness that caused it to happen in the first place and we plod dutifully onward like lemmings marching over the cliff.  Norman Brown once observed, “Reality is a veil we spin to hide the void.”  This moment provides us an opportunity to see our latent insanity but like any insane individual we are not able to simply acknowledge, “Oops!  I’m nuts!”  (And here I am, one lame-ass blogger foolishly proclaiming this “truth” as if it makes any difference!)

But, this IS reality!  This drama gives all of us a chance to let the truth sink in that what we take to be real, though it certainly is “real,” is not as real as we like to think.  As we “strut and fret” another hour on the stage, we must realize, “Oh, maybe our choreographed daily routine is not what we take it to be and we need to welcome this god-given ‘reality check.’” Consensually validated reality is where we live and the task before us is take a second look at our “consent.”  There is work to be done in our world but the work must start in our heart and as Woody Allen noted re his decision to marry his step-daughter decades ago, “The heart wants what it wants.”  The human heart is rife with conflict and mercifully we do keep most of the conflict beneath the surface under the guise of the social contract that most of us abide.  But occasionally this “conflict” bubbles to the top, stares us in the face, and we need to painfully acknowledge things that we would prefer not to acknowledge.

Oh, many of us mindlessly trek to church once a week and mindlessly recite the Nicene Creed but the “sin” part of it has no meaning just like the rest of our lives.  Sin is easy to admit but perfunctory admission does not even approach the problem that the word wants to convey.  Sin is a word that could teach us that Woody Allen was right, “The heart does want what it wants”…to the exclusion of everything else.  And when we see this present in our own life, not to mention in our country, it is humbling to say the least.


About literarylew

I am a retired mental health counselor in El Prado, NM near Taos. I have a life-long passion for the liberal arts and a deep spiritual commitment. I will utilize my voracious appetite for the written word in this blog, delving into literature, psychology, religion, philosophy, and linguistics.
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