Trump, Kathy Griffin, and Hypocrisy

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has discovered there are consequences to words and actions.  She was fired today by CNN because of posting an image of Trump’s bloody head.  Griffin had definitely crossed a line, demonstrating a lack of “measurement” in her disdain for our President.  She did apologize, realizing she had made a mistake, but CNN demonstrated that they believe there are limits of decency that must not be crossed.

However, the Trump family response was appropriate but hypocritical.  Trump himself noted that Griffin should be “ashamed of herself” though he has never acknowledged any shame over the gross things he has said and done.  His wife, Melania demonstrated the same hypocrisy, declaring, “as a mother, wife, and human being,” she was appalled by what Griffin had posted.  Furthermore, she wondered about the “mental health” of anyone who would post something like that and that their young son, Bannon, had been deeply troubled by the posting.

Everything Trump and his wife said is valid.  Griffin crossed a line, demonstrating extremely poor judgement and she has been duly punished.  However, I would like to pose the following questions to Melania in particular:  When will she address her husband’s recording of “pussy grabbing” and repeating the word “cunt” on national TV.  Did young Bannon hear this, and what about millions of other children?  And where has she spoken out about incest, as demonstrated by Trump’s repeated recordings of having sexual designs on his own daughter?  Just how did that resonate with millions of young girls?  And, what about Trump giving the okay to Howard Stern to refer to his daughter, Ivanka, as a “piece of ass.”?  Why no protest?  And what about Trump calling Hillary Clinton’s need to “go potty” during a break in a debate “disgusting.” We all “go potty” but what about the horrible lack of discretion of even putting the matter on the table during the debate?

Furthermore, where has the press been in confronting Trump with these horrible breaches of decorum and dignity.  He has repeatedly humiliated himself, continues to do so, and will not stop until someone stops him; and, since he was a little boy no one has had the courage to say, “That’s enough Donnie.”  So often the press has failed to confront him because to do so would be a horrible breach of decorum, very disrespectful to the office of the President of the United States.  But when someone who is a daily embarrassment to the country who occupies Trump’s position he needs to be confronted at times.  But all of his life, Trump has pushed and pushed and pushed and has always been rewarded for it.  He finally reached the point where he felt he had the liberty to push the very core of the United States knowing that he could get by with it.

May the Lord have mercy upon us.


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