“Fair and Balanced” Media

The irony of Fox New’s claim to offer “Fair and Balanced” news is hard to miss…unless you are ironically challenged!  And it makes me think also of the “no spin zone” which is how Fox New’s former hero Bill O’Reilly described his show.  In each instance the phrases are unwittingly ironic just as the name for this blog (The Only Truth in Politics) is deliberately ironic.  Self-promotion has its place, especially in the media, but it can often be “shameless” self-promotion as is so frequently illustrated by my country’s Dear Leader.

I often hear conservatives complain about being unfairly treated by the media.  But then Dear Leader makes it obvious why this is so for he blatantly describes anything negative said about him as “fake new” or a “lie.”  Even this morning in the New York Times there is a story about him having considered firing special prosecutor Bob Mueller because he thinks Mueller has an agenda against him.  But this concern illustrates the gravest issue that I believe the current political climate has but on our table–just what is real, what is true, and what is fair? Human nature always drives us to believe our view of the world is the proper one and that those who criticize us are not being fair, or “balanced,” or truthful.  The conservatives, led by Trump, are demonstrating that they have unquestioned premises about what is “real” and anyone that dares to challenge them will be dismissed, their view described as “fake news” or “driven by an agenda.”  What they can’t acknowledge is that all of us have an agenda and those who don’t understand that, carried to an extreme, will always lead to the rock-hard certainty of movements like Isis.

Here in this blog, you are reading a slanted, skewed view of the world as it flows from the accumulated experiences, genetic endowment, neuro-physiological development, and cultural background of one little redneck Arkansas boy who happened to be born in a little corner of this world, in a tiny and ultimately unimportant country which, like all countries, will one day occupy its place in the dustbin of history.  That is not nihilism.  It is just recognition of my personal finitude and an affirmation of the finitude of life about which I firmly believe, nevertheless, there is some “method to its madness.”


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About literarylew

I am a retired mental health counselor in El Prado, NM near Taos. I have a life-long passion for the liberal arts and a deep spiritual commitment. I will utilize my voracious appetite for the written word in this blog, delving into literature, psychology, religion, philosophy, and linguistics.
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