Words Do Matter, Mr. Depp!

Actor Johnny Depp has joined the joined the chorus of Progressive voices who have crossed the line in their anti-Trump rhetoric, posing the “facetious” question, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a President.”  His words have caught the attention of the Secret Service, and should, and everyone should firmly rebuff Mr. Depp.  Words do matter, even though Trump himself…as well as his party…have introduced and emphasized the notion that words do not matter.

The issue is limits.  The Republicans have been hinting at violence, implicitly and explicitly, since Barack Obama was elected in 2008 and now they have as their chieftain a man who has no limits and personally hinted at violence toward his opponent during the election.  But Progressives cannot go there.  Sure, there is irony, sarcasm, and ridicule that is being used which, admittedly pushes the limits at times, but actual hinting at assassination cannot be tolerated.

Where does this all end?  As my momma would be saying, “Lord help us!”  It do think it is time for the divine intervention of Greek drama, the deux ex machina, in which an insoluble dilemma of the story would be resolved by god coming down from above the stage, mechanically cranked down on a platform.  And I do think that Divine intervention is needed but I think that as a culture we are way too arrogant to permit anything like Grace to filter into our hearts.


About literarylew

I am a retired mental health counselor in El Prado, NM near Taos. I have a life-long passion for the liberal arts and a deep spiritual commitment. I will utilize my voracious appetite for the written word in this blog, delving into literature, psychology, religion, philosophy, and linguistics.
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