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Senator Franken, “I Crossed a Line.”

This confession of Senator Al Franken needs to be heard more often from a lot of men, those of note and even the rest of us.  Yes, I too have crossed “that” line in my life and am fortunate that … Continue reading

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William Blake, “The Center Will not Hold”

My country appears to be unraveling.  The “flow” of life is becoming a tornado and the structures and conventions of day-to-day life are straining under the pressure.  Just one example is the area of sexuality as the sexual mores are … Continue reading

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All of Our Ponds Are Pretty Damn Murky

I have a respondent from one of my blogs who himself blogs, his entitled, “Thoughts from a Murky Pond.”  This gentleman is very intelligent and thoughtful, but “consarned him” he is so damn critical of my discoursing!  But, I deeply … Continue reading

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Is Alabama’s Governor Ivey Stupid? Answer: No.

Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey has demonstrated the mind set of many conservative Republicans in announcing her support of controversial Senate candidate Roy Moore.  Though she “has no reason to doubt” the numerous women who report his inappropriate sexual advances on … Continue reading

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Religious and Cultural Bondage

Biblical literalism is very much related to what I see as a cultural literalism in my country.  Many conservative people, especially in Alabama at present moment, are seeing their world in such literal terms that they are oblivious to the … Continue reading

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Self-awareness and irony.

The Trump administration almost daily reveals a complete lack of self-awareness, not seeing the irony in such things him attacking Senator Al Franken for sexual improprieties even while he refuses to address the Roy Moore Alabama ugliness as it comes … Continue reading

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Speciousness and Identity Politics

Doubling down.  When threatened, double down.  Whatever you have put on the table, regardless of how critically it may be viewed by “them”, double down with it and affirm your convictions more boisterously.  The fervency of your affirmation will appeal … Continue reading

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