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The GOP Debacle Is Very Shakespearean

The Gop is running scared as the tragedy they have unleashed on the world, and especially on themselves, is becoming apparent to even them.  They have made a loud and profound statement in selecting Donald Trump to be their standard … Continue reading

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Trump Has a Point Here about Charlottesville!!!

On the Charlottesville issue that is before my country, Trump has argued that if we must take down the statue of Robert E. Lee we need to take down the statues of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and their ilk.  Hmm. … Continue reading

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The Trumpian Black Hole Continues to Gnaw Into Our Collective Heart

Trump’s malignant narcissism becomes more apparent daily.  He is governed by whims which have been unchecked since the indulgence he was given during his “terrible two’s” some 69 years ago.  One of the many anecdotes that graphically illustrate this is … Continue reading

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“Now Stop That Little Donnie, or Else!”

A headline on this morning’s on-line CNN said, “Republicans to Trump: Please stop.”  But, you see, that is like trying to tell a two-year old boy who is acting-out like to “please stop.”  It is foolish and reveals very bad … Continue reading

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Obamacare is on the Chopping Block

Obamacare is now on the chopping block.  The GOP’s promise the “repeal and replace” Obamacare is now up for a vote possibly even next week.  I almost wish they’d go ahead and get their wishes so they could get onto … Continue reading

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Incested Group Dynamics

I have argued here several times since inauguration in January that an incestuous dynamic had invaded the White House, the dynamic having been reflected in numerous video recordings of Trump’s lascivious intentions for his daughter Ivanka in the past decade. … Continue reading

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Any Idea Can be Dangerous!

Yes, even “noble” ideas can become dangerous as I have often noted.  Even “Jesus is the Light of the World” can become ignoble if one becomes so intoxicated with himself that he feels he has to hammer others with a … Continue reading

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