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Faux “Fox News” Flash Report!

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson this morning warned the United States that Russia is currently attempting to interfere with the 2018 mid-term elections and that our country is no better prepared than before the 2016 election.  Reliable sources have confirmed … Continue reading

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Greek Drama, Truth, and Our Political Mess

For months the Trump administration has refused calls for an independent special prosecutor to investigate Russian influence in the U.S. election last November.  With Trump’s firing of James Comey yesterday, the FBI director who was investigating the matter, there is … Continue reading

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Senator Rubio Displays GOP Dishonesty The Republicans cannot escape themselves.  Here Senator Mark Rubio describe his electorate as “rude and stupid” but I bet none of them that would have been there at a town hall would have ever publicly avowed reassurance about the … Continue reading

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Is Trump a “Rational Actor”?

Over the weekend, I heard once again the term “rational actor theory” in response to Korea’s Kim Jong Un’s launch of a missile.  He has missiles that could reach the U.S., lacking only a nuclear payload and with most people … Continue reading

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