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N. Korea: Warmbier’s Tragedy “A Mystery to Us Too”

Wow, now who can lie like this with a straight face?  Now who does this make you think of?  North Korea kidnapped this young man, obviously tortured and abused him, then shipped him back to his family in a coma, … Continue reading

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I’m Gloating This Morning….

…but only a little!  Yes, it is always ego rewarding to to have your side in an argument prevail as happened yesterday when the Republicans failed to repeal Obamacare.  And that childish impulse to gloat is okay as it is … Continue reading

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The Trump & GOP Assault on Truth

The Battle for Truth in the United States continues to amaze me, given that I grew up with the Superman TV series where the Man of Steel was the champion of, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.”  Currently we see … Continue reading

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Trump, the GOP, and Projection

Trump’s emphasis of immigration is really resonating with his base.  Of course!  His base really likes the idea of purging the American soul of “impurity”, not realizing that the real “impurity” lies within its own soul.  The is the garden-variety … Continue reading

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