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Incested Group Dynamics

I have argued here several times since inauguration in January that an incestuous dynamic had invaded the White House, the dynamic having been reflected in numerous video recordings of Trump’s lascivious intentions for his daughter Ivanka in the past decade. … Continue reading

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Freedom Caucus is Id on Steroids!!!

Yesterday I described Trump’s head-to-head confrontation with the Freedom Caucus of his Republican Party as rival versions of “brain stems with arms and legs” coming to blows.  Another way to view this is simple id vs. id, raw unmitigated desire … Continue reading

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Senator McCain Puts Trump on the Spot! Well, there should be more people doing this!  Of course, the cloistered minions of Trump’s inner circle are now “mind-melding” about this issue, trying to come up with some scheme about how to address the matter without forcing the … Continue reading

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Trump is a Cardboard Cutout President!

I don’t think Trump realized what this incident was revealing about himself.  He felt that this hapless young man was making a statement which validated him but his affirmation of Trump only demonstrated his own emptiness and testified to the … Continue reading

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