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The GOP is Legitimating Insanity

Donald Trump frequently reminds us of his “huge” election win last November, taking great pride in that he overcame the “common-sense” odds and easily prevailed in the Electoral College.  Frequently he has conveyed his belief that by being elected to … Continue reading

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Trumpism and Hugo Chavez’ Rule in Venezuela

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez provided our country a recent glimpse into what happens when a bully is given power. offered a report by Andres Miguel Rondon who lived through Chavez’ reign of terror in Venezuela (1999-2013) and how that the … Continue reading

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Trump Misled West Virginia!

Donald Trump was a maestro at spinning a story that would be amenable to his target audience.  He had an intuitive grasp of what the base of the Republican Party wanted to hear and relentlessly honed his message to appeal … Continue reading

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“Carthage Must Be Destroyed!” and the GOP

  In ancient Rome, Cato the Elder (234 bc-149bc) was a predecessor to modern day American Republicans.  He woke up every day, scratched his eyes, shook his head and then asked, “What can I be against today?”  One of his … Continue reading

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“Don’t Take me Literally…”

  Just days ago I told the judge here in Taos, NM, “Do not take me literally!” I had announced days earlier, in a crowded local theater, “Fire, fire!”  And I told the judge I was not speaking literally.  Furthermore, … Continue reading

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The Idiocy of Our Politics

When I was in grade school in the 1960’s, from time to time a group of kids, usually boys, would get together and announce to each other that they were going to do some brazen, daring thing.  This announcement would … Continue reading

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Here I Shall Demonstrate GOP Paranoia The story reported here is a lie, a blatant, bald-faced Republican lie.  Now “this” is the “fake-news” that Trump and his minions talk about all of the time!  How do I know this?  Well, because it does not fit … Continue reading

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