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White Privilege in Modern America

Today I’m going to share something from Facebook recently posted by my wife, Claire Detels.  Claire is a retired musicologist from the University of Arkansas and helped introduce me to the world of politics and feminism in the late 1980’s. … Continue reading

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Fox News, Sexuality, and Power

Fox News is showing its ass again, and in a sense even more graphically than before. While sexual harassment is wreaking havoc in the organization, one low-level unimportant talking head with a background of obnoxious behavior recently felt the liberty … Continue reading

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“Carthage Must Be Destroyed!” and the GOP

  In ancient Rome, Cato the Elder (234 bc-149bc) was a predecessor to modern day American Republicans.  He woke up every day, scratched his eyes, shook his head and then asked, “What can I be against today?”  One of his … Continue reading

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Congressman Steven King and Racism

Congressman Steven King is the embodiment of what TaNahesi Coates had in mind when in his book, “Between the World and Me” in which he chided Caucasians for “thinking they are white.”  King’s generation stumbled upon this earth some 60+ … Continue reading

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