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Trump Must Not Criticize White Supremacy!

That is right!  Because he tells the truth.  Contrary to “Lyin’ Ted” and “Crooked Hillary” he tells the truth and to suddenly be critical of white supremacy when he is the poster boy for white supremacy would be a bald … Continue reading

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We Are Stubbornly, “Beasts at Heart”

A contributor to the Washington Post, Kara Swisher, who writes from the perspective of the business world noted the “unconscious bias” that is often made in such things as hiring practices.  She described it as “a bias that kicks in … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Cruz Demonstrating an “Echo Chamber”

Here is a video clip of Ted Cruz tossing “red meat” to a group of hungry, rabid supporters.  He carefully follows his script, not missing a point, offering up to these reptilian brains everything they want to hear.  (  It … Continue reading

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