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Paul Ryan Steps to the Plate!

Paul Ryan declared this morning, “Separating children from their parents is wrong.”  It has been so frustrating to watch this man, occupying the important position of Speaker of the House, stand lamely by and not stand up to Trump.  There … Continue reading

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Reality is Tightening its Noose on Trump.

I kick the subject of mental illness around a lot in this venue due to my career as a clinician which has given me a perspective to “sniff out” madness pretty readily.  Oh, we are all “mad” to some degree … Continue reading

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Gun Craziness Happens Again!!!

Gun craziness erupts again in my country.  We have so much craziness and there are so many ways to express it but I really don’t think schools and children should have to be victimized with it.  “School shooting” has now … Continue reading

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Trump’s Denial System Running Amok

Trump is increasingly beset by reports from within and without the White House thats he is mentally unstable.  But, given my history in clinical practice, let me tell you how he is coping and that all of us cope in … Continue reading

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Silly Thoughts about Trump and the Gang…

So Trump and Bannon’s “lover’s quarrels” have finally reached critical mass and “melt-down” is on our table.  I can’t help but think of all the cast-of-characters in this Trump Show would make a good reality show on TV.  For example, … Continue reading

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Power in Social and Political Arenas

Power is intrinsic to our human-ness though it is so subtle that we often don’t see it.  For example, a psychiatrist I once worked with in a hospital noted about one of his patients, “She is as much determined to … Continue reading

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David Brooks, “There’s Something ‘Rotten’ in the Gop, not in Denmark!”

There is so much internal criticism arising within the Republican Party.  But the divided soul of the party is, like with all divided souls, incapable listening to dissenting voices from within its own ranks.  Sure, Progressives like myself see the … Continue reading

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