The Trumpian Black Hole Continues to Gnaw Into Our Collective Heart

Trump’s malignant narcissism becomes more apparent daily.  He is governed by whims which have been unchecked since the indulgence he was given during his “terrible two’s” some 69 years ago.  One of the many anecdotes that graphically illustrate this is his brazen visit to the dressing room of a teen age girls beauty contest decades ago where he could fulfill his own teen-age fantasy of “checking out the merchandise.”  On the matter of sexuality, not to mention political, social, and economic concerns, everyone has fantasies that reality mercifully tells us are “inappropriate” or even unlawful.  We then filter our impulses and do not act on them.  Trump was born into circumstances where he was empowered to act on them, then rewarded for doing so, and discovered his willfulness could even lead him to be POTUS.

And now ensconced in the Presidency, he is not deterred by the “niceties” of political common sense and has brazenly declared he is so powerful he can pardon anyone he wants to, including himself. The Republican base has found the embodiment of their ruthless quest for power and control though, like a dog chasing a car that has captured its prey, they will have to ask the question, “Now what?”  Trump has brought family and friends into positions of great power where they are fattening their purses and he has reassured them, “Go ahead.  I’ll pardon you on the drop of a hat.”  Trump is now demonstrating the Republican’s quest for unchecked power but unchecked power is always a Pyrrhic victory, always the product of a black hole in the heart that always leads to self-destruction and threatened destruction of everyone and everything nearby.

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The “Will to Power” in Politics

The words politics in the original Greek language meant “affairs of the city.”  As the Greek city-state arose, the Greeks realized that communal living required some organization so that separate and distinct persons could live together in peace…more or less!.  This original intent was noble but history reveals how that “tending the affairs of the city” became increasingly complicated as individuals, and groups of individuals would arise who wanted to have more say-so in these “affairs” than was necessary.  Often this “will-to-power” would become so intense that conflict would arise even leading to armed conflict.

This “will-to-power” is an essential dimension of the human heart.  If this will can be managed so as to respect other wills present at the time, peace and harmony can prevail.  But so often there will be an individual whose wants are inordinate and he will ally with like-minded souls to accomplish a wholly private agenda which always boils down to achieving and maintaining power.  This type of person/s never has awareness of what he is doing, always insisting publicly and even privately that he has the best interest of the community in mind.  Often he will even boldly assert, even with sincerity, that “God is leading me.”  And when god, or the gods, are put on the table then the problem has the potential for ugliness as, “How can anyone question the leadership of God?”

I have a friend who has a bumper sticker on her car that always speaks to me:  Awareness is all.  Often we are blessed with political leadership who have Awareness and realize that their motives are never perfect and this dialogue with people holding different points of view is necessary. But those who have sold their soul to the quest for unmitigated power always lack this Divine gift and will attempt to mount power even to the detriment of selves and of the collective they seek to lead.  We have a glaring demonstration of this phenomenon now in our Congress with the effort to “repeal and replace” Obamacare.  Conservative Republicans have been so opposed to Barack Obama that their very identity is now on the line with this repeal and they are willing to push the matter to ultimate extremes, lacking awareness of the puerile motives that are driving them.  Power plays of this sort are usually very personal, designed to grind an axe with someone or some group that they resent even to the point of hatred.  And in this case it is quite apparent that it is Barack Obama himself that they are still warring against.  This is simple projection, focusing on someone else or some other country to deny deep-seated turmoil that is eating away in their heart.

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Believing Only What we Want to Believe

The White House handlers have their hands full with Trump who would not recognize truth if it bitch-slapped him in the face.  It is almost painful to watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders squirm in the spot light as she attempts to put a positive spin on the maze of duplicity, outright falsehood, and deliberate obfuscation of truth that the Trump administration puts on our door step each morning.  She has now formed a triumvirate with Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer as spokes persons who have made a fool out of themselves in signing onto a job which could only generate foolishness.

I do not think Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a bad person.  She is the daughter of Mike Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas who has run for the Presidency several times and who is an ordained Southern Baptist minister.  I’m sure here Baptist roots are still conspicuous in her life and they help her to cope in the impossible position she has signed onto.  I have no doubt that she is a Christian who has noble intent in her life, professionally and personally.  But, just where is integrity?  She has taken a job to help purvey egregious dishonesty and I’m sure she believes that God is leading her each day.  But, where is the spiritual, moral, and intellectual integrity that would lead most people to resign, probably for some lame-ass reason as, “I want to spend more time with my family.”

Faith is very important to me, believing that faith of any denominational variety has a necessary place in our world.  But faith is not beyond the influence of our human penchant to be “dishonest,” to not allow that faith to influence us in the direction of moral, spiritual, and intellectual integrity.  And many people have signed onto the Trump agenda whole heartedly, laying aside their personal and spiritual integrity, pinning their hopes that his bluster and lunacy will help “Make America Great Again.”  They have pushed the “Do Not Disturb” button in their heart and will not allow critical thinking to take place. When that happens, lunacy cannot help but tease us with its vain promises.

Remember Trump’s brazen vow during the campaign, “I could shoot someone in the streets of Manhattan” and not lose his support base.  He was right.  He captured many hungry hearts who were, and are willing to suspend judgment and cast their fervent hopes on a man who is the epitome of everything that our country has stood for…or has pretended to stand for…since our birth in 1776. These people are not necessarily bad or unintelligent people.  They are merely demonstrating a core human quality, we tend to believe what we want to believe and exclude every consideration that might give us pause.  I again use my favorite bumper sticker wisdom, “Don’t believe everything you think.”

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The Trumps Continue the War on “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.”

The Trump administration is again demonstrating its cavalier attitude toward truth and respect for the common human decencies that usually accompany come with personal and professional integrity.  Trump’s son, Donald Jr., has been caught red-handed courting Russian interference in last year’s election but immediately the administrations spin machine kicked into gear.  This “spin machine” is designed to attempt to make palatable egregious breaches of decorum and compliance with rules, knowing that the base of Trump’s support is sitting anxiously waiting for them to offer a “cover” which will be amenable to their heart’s desires.

No one is completely honest, certainly not politicians.  But until Trump there was some limit to subterfuge and “spinning” at which point the humbled politician, often with great shame will acknowledge, “Oops, I am guilty.”  This is because most politicians are graced with a human quality which permits them, albeit reluctantly, to admit having made a mistake.  But Trump has set up a “machine” in the White House which has as its prime objective declaring to the American public, “I am not at fault. It’s ‘fake news.’”

A related consideration is the administrations sense of entitlement.  Donald Jr. demonstrated his father’s penchant for playing loose and easy with basic principles of political decency.  When “Jr” was presented with the tasty morsel of an offer of dirt on Hillary Clinton he could not pass it up, knowing that whatever happened the administration’s spin machine would immediately tackle glossing the “difficulty” over.  “Jr” had imbibed of the poisonous Kool-aid offered by his father, the knowledge that whatever he might do would be overlooked by his father’s base.

Trump is actually offering the American public a gift.  We are now staring face to face with the speciousness of “truth” and a chance to acknowledge just how self-serving our definition of terms like “truth” are.  He represents an irruption of our duplicitous heart into the daily charade that we take to be “reality.”  Can we learn from self-exposure?  Usually not, but I’m not giving up!

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Trump’s European Adventure

In Warsaw, Poland Trump has declared that “the future of the West” is at stake.  Furthermore, he continues to speak in a confrontational manner with North Korea, not realizing that in Kim sun Jung, he has met his “twin brother”.  One world class bully is facing off with at one of the world’s other bullies. Yes, “the West” is in jeopardy but a critical dimension of this dilemma is that Trump is now the Commander in Chief of the “only remaining super power” in the world.  And, boys and girls, do we want this to be the case?  My country has elected this egregiously mentally unstable man to the Presidency and since then he has continued to demonstrate his impulsivity and lack of civility to other world leaders.  For those of you who are continuing to support him with rhetoric of the sort, “We-need-to-all-stand-behind our President,” you are failing to acknowledge the elephant in the room, “He is mentally unstable.!!!”

Of course, we all are, I agree.  But even I, admittedly neurotic as hell, would be a more “mentally stable” figure in the White House than Trump and I’d be smart enough to admit to myself, “Hell what a mess I’ve gotten myself into” and quickly defer to my handlers until I could find a moment to sheepishly resign for some reason like, “I need to spend more time with my family.”  Trump enjoys this “mess” he is in and is spared any distress that would “self” consciousness would bring to the table being incapable of considering the suffering and anguish he could soon be subjecting our troops to.  In his heart, these troops do not exist nor do the rest of us.  To him each day is merely “another day at the ranch” where he can bluster about in complete disregard to the consequences of his action.

Politically, he needs a good war at this point.  He is proving to all that he is not capable of being President but all he has to do is start launching missiles and it will be even more incumbent on all good Americans to “stand behind our man.”  War would be the perfect distraction to “legitimate” him as President in the mind of many.  Unconsciously he knows this and in the mind of some of his minions they know it consciously.  This moment, like all moments, will be determined by who, or what is in power.  His concerns about “the West” will strike alarm in the hearts of millions and, when faced with the fear of annihilation, human kind will always line up behind their strong man.

But the course of human history, and of each one’s individual history, is not determined only by military and economic power.  That is why it is so dangerous that we have put a man like Trump in this position…and then stand hapless by and watch…while he ratches-up the tension everywhere he goes.  He loves the tension, like an adrenaline junkie, and has a long history of coming out on top in the resulting childish battles-of-will he creates.  But “coming out on top” will not always work for anyone and for a tribe like ours it can lead to devastation.  “Coming out on top” is a childish ego-demand and most of us learn at some point in childhood that being driven by “coming out on top” is at some point dangerous to all

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Trump: “Some Body Stop Me!!!”

What do you do if your child is crazy?  Do you simply tell him that he is and then demand, “Now stop it?”  Do you just wait for it to blow over?”  Well, if he’s 71 years old it is not gonna “blow over.” How would a Congressional committee go to the President of the United States and inform him, “You are mentally unstable and so we are removing you from office?”  Is there any chance he would meekly say, “Oh, I’m sorry” and quietly accede to their demands.  Not likely as some types of mental illness cannot acknowledge any type of fault as their ego is too fragile to acknowledge human frailty.  They are likely to lash out with violent rage. And, after all, he is the President of the United States so he cannot be crazy, can he?

Speaking as a former clinician, many “families” cannot acknowledge that their son is “nuts” as it would reflect negatively on them.  “What ya’ mean that our son is nuts?  No way.  We all come from a long line of successful, intelligent, normal people.  Our genetic pool is fine.”  Of course, anyone looking on would start nervously looking at each other, perhaps snickering, realizing that the “genetic pool” of this family was anything but healthy.

This is the problem with an ideologically inbred group.  They are so intoxicated with their ideas that to give any of them up, or to give up a standard bearer for their ideas, is beneath them.  They would prefer watching the whole country go to hell, and jeopardize the whole world than to acknowledge having made a mistake and take action to correct this horrible blunder of theirs.

The whole world is looking on as Donald Trump is demonstrating what Hillary Clinton described, so graciously, that he is “temperamentally unfit to be President of the United States.”  But the Republican Party opts for passivity, not able to come to grips with reality, and intervene for their own sake and that of the country and world.  “Madness in great ones must not unwatched go” nor must it in mediocre to less-than-great ones.

Being a former clinician, it is frightening to watch this insanity continue to unfold. All of his life, Trump has behaved outrageously as if he were crying out, a la Jim Carrey in one of his movies, “Some body stop me!”  But no one has ever stopped him, not even the United States of America.


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“Now Stop That Little Donnie, or Else!”

A headline on this morning’s on-line CNN said, “Republicans to Trump: Please stop.”  But, you see, that is like trying to tell a two-year old boy who is acting-out like to “please stop.”  It is foolish and reveals very bad parenting for by even that time a two-year old boy has learned that he does not have to stop.  The job of the parents at that time, before it is forever too late, is to intervene after admitting they have been lax in setting limits and firmly stop the behavior.  Therapeutic behavioral intervention is helpful but only if the parents are willing to participate and in so doing acknowledge, “We have erred and have indulged this child too long.”

The Republicans have indulged this child since he first announced for the Presidency.  He demonstrated immediately that he had no respect for decorum and simple human decency and each time they overlooked his misbehavior and in so doing affirmed him again that his actions and words were alright.  They validated him.  And a two-year old child needs to learn that certain behaviors and words will not be permitted without consequences. Therefore, Republican dishonesty and hypocrisy of the past few decades has found an expression.  A “dysfunctional family” has created a monster who is now demonstrating daily the horrible qualities they have been trying to hide for so long.  And, like all dysfunctional families tend to do, they will defend “little Johnny”…in this case “little Donny”…and try to explain away his misbehavior and blame it on someone else, not having the courage to acknowledge, “We created this little monster.”


The following are three blogs that I offer.  Please check the other two out sometime!

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