“Fair and Balanced” Media

The irony of Fox New’s claim to offer “Fair and Balanced” news is hard to miss…unless you are ironically challenged!  And it makes me think also of the “no spin zone” which is how Fox New’s former hero Bill O’Reilly described his show.  In each instance the phrases are unwittingly ironic just as the name for this blog (The Only Truth in Politics) is deliberately ironic.  Self-promotion has its place, especially in the media, but it can often be “shameless” self-promotion as is so frequently illustrated by my country’s Dear Leader.

I often hear conservatives complain about being unfairly treated by the media.  But then Dear Leader makes it obvious why this is so for he blatantly describes anything negative said about him as “fake new” or a “lie.”  Even this morning in the New York Times there is a story about him having considered firing special prosecutor Bob Mueller because he thinks Mueller has an agenda against him.  But this concern illustrates the gravest issue that I believe the current political climate has but on our table–just what is real, what is true, and what is fair? Human nature always drives us to believe our view of the world is the proper one and that those who criticize us are not being fair, or “balanced,” or truthful.  The conservatives, led by Trump, are demonstrating that they have unquestioned premises about what is “real” and anyone that dares to challenge them will be dismissed, their view described as “fake news” or “driven by an agenda.”  What they can’t acknowledge is that all of us have an agenda and those who don’t understand that, carried to an extreme, will always lead to the rock-hard certainty of movements like Isis.

Here in this blog, you are reading a slanted, skewed view of the world as it flows from the accumulated experiences, genetic endowment, neuro-physiological development, and cultural background of one little redneck Arkansas boy who happened to be born in a little corner of this world, in a tiny and ultimately unimportant country which, like all countries, will one day occupy its place in the dustbin of history.  That is not nihilism.  It is just recognition of my personal finitude and an affirmation of the finitude of life about which I firmly believe, nevertheless, there is some “method to its madness.”


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Trump, Kathy Griffin, and Hypocrisy

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has discovered there are consequences to words and actions.  She was fired today by CNN because of posting an image of Trump’s bloody head.  Griffin had definitely crossed a line, demonstrating a lack of “measurement” in her disdain for our President.  She did apologize, realizing she had made a mistake, but CNN demonstrated that they believe there are limits of decency that must not be crossed.

However, the Trump family response was appropriate but hypocritical.  Trump himself noted that Griffin should be “ashamed of herself” though he has never acknowledged any shame over the gross things he has said and done.  His wife, Melania demonstrated the same hypocrisy, declaring, “as a mother, wife, and human being,” she was appalled by what Griffin had posted.  Furthermore, she wondered about the “mental health” of anyone who would post something like that and that their young son, Bannon, had been deeply troubled by the posting.

Everything Trump and his wife said is valid.  Griffin crossed a line, demonstrating extremely poor judgement and she has been duly punished.  However, I would like to pose the following questions to Melania in particular:  When will she address her husband’s recording of “pussy grabbing” and repeating the word “cunt” on national TV.  Did young Bannon hear this, and what about millions of other children?  And where has she spoken out about incest, as demonstrated by Trump’s repeated recordings of having sexual designs on his own daughter?  Just how did that resonate with millions of young girls?  And, what about Trump giving the okay to Howard Stern to refer to his daughter, Ivanka, as a “piece of ass.”?  Why no protest?  And what about Trump calling Hillary Clinton’s need to “go potty” during a break in a debate “disgusting.” We all “go potty” but what about the horrible lack of discretion of even putting the matter on the table during the debate?

Furthermore, where has the press been in confronting Trump with these horrible breaches of decorum and dignity.  He has repeatedly humiliated himself, continues to do so, and will not stop until someone stops him; and, since he was a little boy no one has had the courage to say, “That’s enough Donnie.”  So often the press has failed to confront him because to do so would be a horrible breach of decorum, very disrespectful to the office of the President of the United States.  But when someone who is a daily embarrassment to the country who occupies Trump’s position he needs to be confronted at times.  But all of his life, Trump has pushed and pushed and pushed and has always been rewarded for it.  He finally reached the point where he felt he had the liberty to push the very core of the United States knowing that he could get by with it.

May the Lord have mercy upon us.


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Trump Continues to Not Understand Irony

Trump told students at Liberty University yesterday that there is “nothing more terrible than being a critic.”  Now, I can’t help but wonder why he would be so critical of critics???  His saying that would be like accusing the media of lying or calling someone crazy.  Oh, he does this doesn’t he?  It would be like me saying, “There is nothing more terrible than being bald-headed and neurotic…or wasting one’s time writing a totally important blog as if it is important.”  It is similar to his party’s insistence that it is the responsibility of Democrats to “stand behind our President and give him a chance” not remembering their battle cry in the early days of the Obama Presidency, “Let’s make him a one-term President” and “I hope he fails.”

But the GOP is trapped in the delusional world they created which brought their spokesman to power.  If they fail to keep him propped up, even as he digs himself in deeper, their dishonesty will be more apparent to all and might even begin to dawn upon them.


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Trump’s Lunacy Marches Onward!!!

One of the pithiest Shakespearean glimpses into the human soul is when Hamlet, under the duress of internal demons, pines, “Oh, if I could but flee into a nutshell and there be the king of infinite spaces.”  Shakespeare knew that lunacy offers an escape from the monotonous and often vicious daily grind of reality that that most of us have the wherewithal to cope with.  In the realm of a “nutshell,” a delusional system, one finds escape in a private referential system from which the “slings and arrows” being hurled from outside are just not recognized, possibly even being described in present world as “fake news.”

But this lunacy of Donald Trump could not have existence without a support network of the Republican Party who are terrified of what happen if Trump is removed from office.  What they don’t realize is that with their tacit approval, they are letting us know that they locked in their own “private, self-referential system” which permits them to tolerate a man who is not capable of speaking and behaving in a manner that shows respect to the social contract that most of us abide with.  Compliance with this consensually validated reality requires limits, ego boundaries, which facilitate our respect for decorum and civil niceties, not to mention the law itself.  Trump and Trumpsters daily demonstrate a tolerance for disrespect for this social contract, a willingness they first committed to when they lined up behind him in the campaign last year.

Almost daily Trump makes outrageous statements and assumes that we have no reason to doubt him when daily he also gives us clear evidence that there is no reason to believe he is telling the truth.  Increasingly he is secretive, even paranoid, and now threatening to even stop the daily press briefings.  Anyone trapped in the hell of this abyss of isolation fears any intrusion from the outside.  Just now I heard him on TV insist that the recently fired FBI director James Comey must “speak the truth” even though he and his handlers daily speak untruth, or as Kelly Anne Conway once said, “alternative truth.”

I read somewhere, “To be real, that is to be an object in a known field of circumstances, is to be amenable to a rule.”  Trump has demonstrated from day one of his candidacy for the presidency that he is not “amenable to a rule” and this character flaw has been so egregiously demonstrated that the welfare of our country is in jeopardy.  But the GOP stands lamely by, hands in their pocket, smile on their face and blames the Democrats, the media, or even Obama.  We are witnessing the human dilemma unfolding before us, “Humankind cannot bear very much reality” (T.S. Eliot) and will opt for lunacy en masse.

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Greek Drama, Truth, and Our Political Mess

For months the Trump administration has refused calls for an independent special prosecutor to investigate Russian influence in the U.S. election last November.  With Trump’s firing of James Comey yesterday, the FBI director who was investigating the matter, there is additional clamor from both sides of the aisle for a special independent investigator.

The Republican stance continues to be that this is totally unnecessary, that the investigatory capacity of the government is already in play and is quite capable for handling this issue.  But, they fail to acknowledge the obvious, that since they control all three branches of the government they have the power to readily influence any investigation, especially since now Trump can select the new director of the FBI.  To allow a special investigator to come onto the scene would be risking the presence of a perspective in their house which is not enslaved with their preconceptions, a primary one being to keep Trump and his team propped up even in light of the profound lunacy that unfolds almost daily.

Truth is in play only when openness and candor is allowed.  In fact, the Greek work for truth, alethia, is formed by the alpha privative “a” and the root word “lethia.”  “Lethia” is the stem for the term “lantern shade”, which when pulled down would block the light from radiating outward from the lantern.  The alpha-privative coupled with “lethia” tells us that truth comes when the “lantern shade” is lifted and the light can radiate, implying that the commonplace is for the lantern shade to be down and the light not allowed to radiate into the darkness.  The Greeks, introducing humankind to consciousness, realized that darkness is the routine of day to day life and that “light” only comes when some “truth-teller”, always a hero of some sort, had the courage to lift the lantern shade and tell the truth.  And, yes, at times this truth teller is even a mad man, the Shakespearean fool, or an an artist, or certainly someone who is not certainly ensconced in the collective “truth” which upon closer scrutiny is merely agreed upon dishonesty.

This is not necessarily as sinister as I’m presenting it.  This is day to day reality and allows a tribe to function.  But when the dishonesty metastasizes to the extent that it has with the Republican Party, it can produce a tragedy-in-the-flesh like Donald Trump and woe threatens us all.  But Republicans hold the power, and they are supported by a base who have pledged their support to Trump with the entirety of their soul, and the voice of our “prophets” in the field of artists, comedians, and poets can be over-ridden with the monolithic power of those who hold the reins of government.  May the Lord have mercy on us.  The Greeks in their drama would, in a case like this, would often employ a “deux ex machina” in which the play would be interrupted with a God intervening, mechanically coming down from above the stage, and resolving the dilemma of human folly.  Yes, may the Lord have mercy upon us!


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Obama Warned Trump about Michael Flynn!

The New York Times just reported that President Obama warned Trump after the election that hiring Michael Flynn to his national security team would be ill-advised. Now, boys and girls, get ready for the fun to start.

I predict Trump’s response will be simply, “That’s a lie.  That’s fake news!”  And is spin machine is now furiously working on how to cover for Trump once again.  Shortly Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary, will be facing the media and we will see another display of his non-sense.

And, of course, the base of his party will blame Obama, accusing him of lying.  And, in their line of thinking, they might have a point as they believe the Lord has placed Trump in charge of our government and certainly the Lord, the Essence of Truth Himself, would not put a liar in the office, would He???

The leadership of the GOP will respond lamely, afflicted of the same illness of Trump, a complete inability to admit to having made any mistake.  Meanwhile, Trump’s overt dishonesty and general lack of character continues to unfold and eventually the only way to stop a complete unraveling of his administration will be to provoke a war.  And, of course, his supporters will be quick to say, “Atta boy!”

Seriously, I’m not as cynical or hopeless as I seem.  I’m in this for the long-run and this current “tempest in a teapot” in human history will find resolution, though possibly long after my allotted “three-score and then” have passed.  Shakespeare felt, like I do, “There is a Divinity that doeth shape our end, rough hew it how we may.”

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Fox News, Sexuality, and Power

Fox News is showing its ass again, and in a sense even more graphically than before. While sexual harassment is wreaking havoc in the organization, one low-level unimportant talking head with a background of obnoxious behavior recently felt the liberty to utilize a vulgar sexual innuendo in reference to Ivanka Trump.  And just today Bill Shine, a network co-president, was forced to resign because of his tacit approval of the atmosphere of sexual tyranny in Fox News.  (See link— http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/04/28/fox-friends-news-psychology-appeal-conservative-media-215044)

What these incidents reveal is the smugness, the unquestioned assumption that men are in power and they can do and say what they will with women.  And, I grew up in this culture…as most of us did…and treating women as an object was totally acceptable.  I worked in a factory in the early 70’s and women on our team learned to live with Penthouse and Playboy “spreads” of naked women on the walls of the office.  The women, who were usually “objects” of the male gaze, had to accustomize themselves to walking into the office where breasts and “gaping” genital spreads were conspicuously posted on the walls.  This was a way of reminding these women, remember when you look at these pictures, “This is your place, this is where your value lies.”  I am not without complicity.  Though I was very young and too timid to actively participate in the implicit objectification of my female colleagues, subjectively I did.  Women were “things” and we men had the prerogative of owning these “things” and using them for satisfaction, be it in our imagination, or in the closet of the break room, or in the parking lot during break time or lunch break.

Now, objectification is part of human experience and I am comfortable with the male emphasis of viewing women as objects.  We are all objects in some sense.  But what is often missing is the complementary understanding that these “objects” have a reality of their own and do not exist merely as a “thing” to toy with and “amuse” ourselves with.  The objectification is a necessary part of human experience but it is possible, and imperative upon us, to realize that the “object” of our desire is also a “subject.”  One dimension of this relationship is to grasp, cognitively and emotionally, that these objects of our desire have a subjective reality and find violation as, shall we say, “difficult.”  But in traditional culture, this “difficulty” is not an issue and the man’s role is to “take it” and the woman’s role is to “submit to it .”  This is because women are mere objects and men, being the subject in the universe, can only relate to them as the object.  The subjective experience of the women is totally over looked and the violation of her “space” is even an essential element of the engagement.

What is the solution?  Well, the solution is underway as sexual politics have changed and in the bedroom, I suspect the dynamics are changing, reflecting the changing dynamics in the work place and in society at large.  The specifics?   Hmm, well my prurient interests are intrigued but the curiosity is idle.  Couples are working out the details and hopefully there will be no explicit tell-all book about the details.  Sexuality is personal.

Like all issues, this is a spiritual issue.  The complex relationship between men and women, described in Proverbs as, “the way of a man with a maiden,” is an arena where the heart of collective mankind is put on the table.  In some cultures, such as with Isis, it has been solved as women “know their place” and dutifully submit, without question.  Questioning would be extremely dangerous.  In many parts of our culture, the gender roles are being questioned and redefined.  This reflects a general trend of questioning boundaries in the whole of our culture which threatens our definition of what is real and what is unreal.  Inevitably, this is met with a fierce insistence that boundaries be rigidly defined, that “walls” be erected to shut out anything that is different, including those “damn Mexicans.”

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