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The “Will to Power” in Politics

The words politics in the original Greek language meant “affairs of the city.”  As the Greek city-state arose, the Greeks realized that communal living required some organization so that separate and distinct persons could live together in peace…more or less!.  … Continue reading

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GOP Trying Again to Repeal Obamacare!

The Republican Party is pretty sure it now has a plan to replace Obamacare that will please the contentious part of their party and might get approval of the House of Representatives.  They are determined to fulfill their vow to … Continue reading

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“Don’t Believe Everything You Think”

Just thinking today.  Comedian Alec Baldwin appears to be backing down from his over-the-top parody of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.  It has passed through my mind for months that Trump, so acutely thin-skinned, would somehow get to him … Continue reading

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Trump, ADHD, & Impaired Judgment

When working as a psychiatric tech in a psychiatric hospital before I began my clinical practice in the early 1990’s, I overhead a conversation between two teen boys which revealed just how whimsical the mind of a mentally unstable person … Continue reading

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I won’t “hope he fails”

This election campaign is just so much fun! But, being a “damn liberal”, things don’t look good for the “home team”; it appears that “Mighty Casey” might strike out! But there is yet an inning or two to play… The … Continue reading

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