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Words Do Matter, Mr. Depp!

Actor Johnny Depp has joined the joined the chorus of Progressive voices who have crossed the line in their anti-Trump rhetoric, posing the “facetious” question, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a President.”  His words have caught the … Continue reading

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Trump, Kathy Griffin, and Hypocrisy

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has discovered there are consequences to words and actions.  She was fired today by CNN because of posting an image of Trump’s bloody head.  Griffin had definitely crossed a line, demonstrating a lack of “measurement” in her … Continue reading

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Fox News, Sexuality, and Power

Fox News is showing its ass again, and in a sense even more graphically than before. While sexual harassment is wreaking havoc in the organization, one low-level unimportant talking head with a background of obnoxious behavior recently felt the liberty … Continue reading

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Any Chance of Trump Finding Redemption?

Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress is meeting wide spread approval from everyone.  One reported described him as finally “Presidential” and another “normal.”  His tone and delivery was moderate and civil. Now I’m cynical, of course.  BUT, give … Continue reading

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