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Believing Only What we Want to Believe

The White House handlers have their hands full with Trump who would not recognize truth if it bitch-slapped him in the face.  It is almost painful to watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders squirm in the spot light as she attempts to … Continue reading

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We Are Stubbornly, “Beasts at Heart”

A contributor to the Washington Post, Kara Swisher, who writes from the perspective of the business world noted the “unconscious bias” that is often made in such things as hiring practices.  She described it as “a bias that kicks in … Continue reading

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Bill O’Reilly Can’t Admit Being Wrong Either!

Bill O’Reilly continues to deny the allegations of sexual harassment that led to his being fired today from Fox News.  What else could we expect?  O’Reilly, like one of his top fans, Donald Trump just cannot admit being wrong and … Continue reading

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Lunacy in Politics and Religion

To believe is to believe that you believe.  When this “confidence” in your belief becomes inordinately invested with emotional energy, this belief becomes so rigid that it can devolve into a delusional state. For example, if in five minutes, there … Continue reading

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