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The S–T is Still Hitting the Fan Over S–t!!!

Forgive me, but I’m going to talk vulgar here again and do so deliberately just to make my point.  Trump has put so much vulgarity on our table in the last couple of years.  I’m sure many parents have had … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Dysfunctional Family Again on Display.

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump have this in common—neither were qualified for the high office for which they were nominated and those who allowed it to happen put them in a spot where they could not help but humiliate themselves.  … Continue reading

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T.S. Eliot, “Oh the Shame of Motives Late Revealed…”

The Roy Moore spectacle in Alabama is put a spin-off of the block-buster series now showing world-wide, The Trump Show.  But like all spin-off tv shows and movies, the Roy Moore saga is cut from the same bolt of cloth … Continue reading

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Self-awareness and irony.

The Trump administration almost daily reveals a complete lack of self-awareness, not seeing the irony in such things him attacking Senator Al Franken for sexual improprieties even while he refuses to address the Roy Moore Alabama ugliness as it comes … Continue reading

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Trump, Kathy Griffin, and Hypocrisy

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has discovered there are consequences to words and actions.  She was fired today by CNN because of posting an image of Trump’s bloody head.  Griffin had definitely crossed a line, demonstrating a lack of “measurement” in her … Continue reading

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Trump Continues to Not Understand Irony

Trump told students at Liberty University yesterday that there is “nothing more terrible than being a critic.”  Now, I can’t help but wonder why he would be so critical of critics???  His saying that would be like accusing the media … Continue reading

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Obamacare Showdown Today for Republicans

The Republican Party has painted itself into a corner with today’s vote in the House of Representatives.  Regarding their unifying cry of “Repeal Obamacare”, the House is scheduled to vote today on the issue and several of the GOP representatives … Continue reading

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