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Huckabee Family Lacks Critical Thinking

Mike Huckabee, and his daughter Sarah Sanders, are doing their part in continuing to “wage the war on Christmas,” an ironic war that many Christians participate in throughout the year.  This is because they fail to exercise the Shakespearean “pauser … Continue reading

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“S.N.L., Be Nicer to Sarah Sanders or Mike’s Gonna Git You.”

Saturday Night Live again crossed a line for me last night, this time with the hapless Trump Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  There is so much she makes available for lampoon–her personality style and shameless lying to name but two.  … Continue reading

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Believing Only What we Want to Believe

The White House handlers have their hands full with Trump who would not recognize truth if it bitch-slapped him in the face.  It is almost painful to watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders squirm in the spot light as she attempts to … Continue reading

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