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Be Kind to the Mentally Ill!!!

Early in grade school we were taught to be nice to our class mates who were, well…ahem…pause….”kinda different.”  Later we began to describe them as “nuts” and only later more properly as “mentally ill.”  We learned that to make fun … Continue reading

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N. Korea: Warmbier’s Tragedy “A Mystery to Us Too”

Wow, now who can lie like this with a straight face?  Now who does this make you think of?  North Korea kidnapped this young man, obviously tortured and abused him, then shipped him back to his family in a coma, … Continue reading

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Is Trump a “Rational Actor”?

Over the weekend, I heard once again the term “rational actor theory” in response to Korea’s Kim Jong Un’s launch of a missile.  He has missiles that could reach the U.S., lacking only a nuclear payload and with most people … Continue reading

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