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“Fair and Balanced” Media

The irony of Fox New’s claim to offer “Fair and Balanced” news is hard to miss…unless you are ironically challenged!  And it makes me think also of the “no spin zone” which is how Fox New’s former hero Bill O’Reilly … Continue reading

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The Moon is “Still” Made Out of Cheese!!!

Several times I have used this assertion to demonstrate our human lunacy.  For, if you think “the moon is made out of cheese, then it is made out of cheese” in your mind, in the mind of the one who … Continue reading

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The GOP is Legitimating Insanity

Donald Trump frequently reminds us of his “huge” election win last November, taking great pride in that he overcame the “common-sense” odds and easily prevailed in the Electoral College.  Frequently he has conveyed his belief that by being elected to … Continue reading

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